Java: Subclass of JPanel to display chemical graph

Christoph Steinbeck steinbeck at
Thu Feb 26 11:55:22 EST 1998


I'd like to announce the availability of a little programming project of
mine, called StrucDispPanel. This is a subclass of JPanel (JFC) that
takes a connectivity string (no SMILES yet, sorry) and tries to build a
rotatable 3D model. This is neither a fully featured 3D model builder
nor a modelling tool, but is a conglomerate of SUN's 3D model display
and the graph minimizer. 
It just makes these odd connectivity matrices a little better to view.
Also, please note that it's a tool to be used a greater context and not
a standalone program. 

If you are interested in joining me in the development of something more
advanced (which also has to be freely available, when it's ready), feel
free to contact me.

Check for the program.



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