Languages for bioinformatics

Tom Walsh tpwalsh at
Thu Feb 26 15:46:50 EST 1998

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Joseph J. Strout <jstrout at> wrote:
>Well shoot, as long as we're hailing favorite languages, I would strongly
>recommend Python over Perl or TCL.  It's got a far cleaner design and a
>more powerful standard library than either of these.  And it's just as
>cross-platform, interactive, etc.  By far, the most beautiful language I've
>ever used (and I've used many), in its clarity and power.
>See for more information on Python.

 I like the look of Python but a lot more people seem to be using Perl, 
especially in bioinformatics and at the end of the day, you have to consider
what skills are in demand. Sadly, elegance of design is no guarantee of
widespread use.


>-- Joe

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