Perl vs. C for bioinformatics

JMonahan monahan at
Thu Feb 26 19:47:17 EST 1998

Understand this is a pseudo-religious question. I have been using C++ with
MFC for years now. Its continuous extensions especially these days with DCOM
(soon to be DCOM+) make it hard to beat in a windows environment.
Considering the continuous increase in market share of Windows (95+NT) over
all other operating systems (including UNIX) this is an important factor.

Somebody here mentioned Java. I have looked at Java from time to time. While
the idea of a generalized platform sounds good it appears in almost all
cases to fall short of expectations.
To me there seemed to be too much hype with little actual performance.  A
well known example was a "major word processor company" that essentially
lost their market share trying to switch their system over to Java platform.
They gave up!  I know of no significant application written in Java out
there at the moment.

As to Perl - I think for straight string manipulations it is hard to beat.
However if you need to control the GUI interface in any special way, forget
it.  I have to say the language does not flow for me as C++ does but that is
probably a personal opinion.

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