Perl vs. C for bioinformatics -> Tcl/Tk

Thomas Sicheritz Thomas.Sicheritz at
Fri Feb 27 08:12:01 EST 1998

Perl vc C vs Tcl/Tk vs Java vs Python vs ....

1) Arguing over "my language is much better than your language" is a religious 
   war which cannot be solved.

2) Any scripting language which let's you get your job done will do.

Personally I vote for Tcl/Tk and/or Perl.
  We use both languages in our bioinformatic reserch and for control and
management of our "Complete Genmome Sequencing" projects.
- And in case of heavy number crunching we write extensions in C/C++.
There exists a lot of biology extensions and sofware for both Tcl/Tk and
Perl, and both languages are used for cgi-scripting and can interact with

Of course - bioinformaticians MUST know LISP ... to connect and merge
everything into their favorite tool: Emacs/XEmacs :-)


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