Perl vs. C for bioinformatics -> Tcl/Tk

Tom Walsh tpwalsh at
Fri Feb 27 08:31:07 EST 1998

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Thomas Sicheritz  <Thomas.Sicheritz at> wrote:
>2) Any scripting language which let's you get your job done will do.
I completely agree; whatever you're comfortable with and works well. 

>Personally I vote for Tcl/Tk and/or Perl.

 The problem is that it's often not your personal choice but your
prospective employer's. In a perfect world we would use whatever language
we liked that got the job done.

>Of course - bioinformaticians MUST know LISP ... to connect and merge
>everything into their favorite tool: Emacs/XEmacs :-)

 Oh God, not ANOTHER language to learn :-(  

 Real programmers, of course, do all their coding in FORTRAN (77)

    Tom Walsh

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