C++/Java (Re: Perl vs. C for bioinformatics)

ketchup Ketchup*REMOVE* at concentric.net
Fri Feb 27 12:44:49 EST 1998

Yes and No, 

Consider the STL of C++ (Standard Template Libraries). Were you to
take on the task of creating them, it would be hugely difficult. Were
you to just use them, you will be able to do amazing things quickly.
So for me, its like using computers in general, most anyone can get
lots of useful things done quickly just using them, but only a few
people can actually build one. None the less, computers are very
popular .. <G>

C++ will never be legacy. However, Java should be due its day, and if
anything will ever replace C++, it will be Java, but only because it
is so much like C++. I doubt it though.

While the web has a strong future in computing, I dont believe its the
only future. I don't see the world giving up the ability to run their
favorite program on their favorite new computer and I dont see that
Java with its "common denominator" approach will be able to compete
with a tuned/full featured native app.

>bioinformatics are using Java instead of C++ despite the loss of performance.
> One article I've seen predicts that the languages of choice will be Perl and
>Java with C used where speed is critical, and C++ essentially only existing as
>legacy code. I've a complete newbie to this and I really appreciate people
>offering their thoughts.

>   Tom  

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