ISO Alignment and Phylogenetic Tree Software

Andrey A Ptitsyn andrey at
Tue Jan 6 02:58:15 EST 1998

Try VOSTORG, which is for MS DOS, but still functional and does what you
You can download it from (then follow subdirectories)
Good luck.
Andrey Ptitsyn

Emmanuel Skoufos wrote:
> Dear Bionetters:
> I am looking for a *single* software package (shareware or commercial
> product at a reasonable cost - < $ 500) that runs on Wintel platforms and
> does the following things:
> -Aligns multiple DNA and protein sequences
> *and*
> -Builds phylogenetic trees based on the alignments.
> Optimally, cutting and pasting of the sequences is allowed and the tree
> building is an easily executed option on the command menu/tool bar.
> I tried several packages that either did not allow tree construction
> (DNASIS, Prophet) or the user interface was inpractically complicated
> (PHYLIP).  I know that there are a few programs for Macs (including the
> DNASIS version for the Mac) that can do this.
> If you have any products in mind for a PC, or if any of the products you
> are using does the trick, please let me know.
> Emmanouil
> Emmanouil Skoufos, PhD
> Section of Neurobiology and
> Center for Medical Informatics
> Yale University School of Medicine
> 333 Cedar Street
> New Haven, CT 06520
> 203-785-3730
> emmanouil.skoufos at

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