Sequence Analysis Windows 95?

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Wed Jul 8 05:39:19 EST 1998

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>         Wayne Bolton <wbolton at> writes:
> >> I'm trying to download Prophet5.0 for Windows from
> >> But the server said "User anonymous access
> >> denied". Reason why?

Is there any chance that the server is set up so that it will
not accept "anonymous" as the password?  If this is the case
you should change your browser setting so that it sends your
e-mail address instead (this is the equivalent of answering
the "enter your complete e-mail address" message that some
plain ftp servers give upon login).
     Using Netscape this is under Edit/Preferences/Advanced
for other browsers there is probably an equivalent.  Another
problem could be that your browser refuses to accept cookies
(I always do) and that their server insists on you receiving
     I'm sorry but I'm still using Win3.1x so I will not bother
downloading it myself.  I'm a big fan of GNU Plot for graphing
but the incorporation of sequence analysis and display looks
really nice so I hope they include Linux in their Unix platforms.
     Maybe some of this will help,
Bernard Murray, PhD
Dept. Cell. Mol. Pharmacol., UCSF, San Francisco, USA

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