Sequence Analysis Windows 95?

Wayne Bolton wbolton at
Wed Jul 8 00:02:52 EST 1998

jun at wrote:
> In article <35774B0E.4D8F4ABA at> invalid.address at writes:
> > > Does anybody know if there is a good, cheap/free program (like DNA strider for
> > > the Mac) for sequence analysis ie restriction maps, translations etc for
> > > Windows 95.
> >
> > Yes, there's Prophet, a project of the NIH.  You can download it from
> >
> I'm trying to download Prophet5.0 for Windows from
> But the server said "User anonymous access
> denied". Reason why?
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> ISHIKAWA Jun, Ph.D.            Natl. Inst. of Infectious Diseases
> (jun at                Dept. of Bioactive Molecules

I had a similar problem. Apparently there is a restriction on downloads
outside the USA. I was offerred a password to try but it didnt make any
difference so I gave up.

Can anybody tell me how good Prophet is - should I try again.
Wayne Bolton

Virology Department
Australian Red Cross Blood Service NSW

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