Sequence Analysis Windows 95?

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Wed Jul 8 08:18:47 EST 1998

On 8 Jul 1998 11:23:43 GMT,
Francois Jeanmougin (pingouin at wrote:

>Supported Systems:
>· DecAlpha running Digital UNIX
>· Sun Microsystems SPARCstations (TM) running Solaris 2.5 or higher 
>· Silicon Graphics computers including the SGI Indigo(TM) series running 
>IRIX version 6.2 or higher
>	Probably we have to inform them that Linux is more and more
>installed in biology labs...

I know they have been sent ail several times specifically requesting a 
Linux port.  So far they have not responded.

>	Also the status of this program is unclear (will it stay free,
>will it be delivered with sources, is it a new trap...).

I don't believe that they intend to ever release their sources.

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