Sequence Analysis Windows 95?

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Wed Jul 8 06:23:43 EST 1998

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>      I'm sorry but I'm still using Win3.1x so I will not bother
> downloading it myself.  I'm a big fan of GNU Plot for graphing
> but the incorporation of sequence analysis and display looks
> really nice so I hope they include Linux in their Unix platforms.

	They doen't seem to...

Supported Systems:
· DecAlpha running Digital UNIX
· Sun Microsystems SPARCstations (TM) running Solaris 2.5 or higher 
· Silicon Graphics computers including the SGI Indigo(TM) series running 
IRIX version 6.2 or higher

	Probably we have to inform them that Linux is more and more
installed in biology labs...

	Also the status of this program is unclear (will it stay free,
will it be delivered with sources, is it a new trap...).

				Wait and see...


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