Sequence Analysis Windows 95?

Keith James k.james at
Wed Jul 8 15:30:58 EST 1998

>>>>> "Francois" == Francois Jeanmougin <pingouin at> writes:

    Francois> Supported Systems: · DecAlpha running Digital UNIX
    Francois> · Sun Microsystems SPARCstations (TM) running Solaris
    Francois> 2.5 or higher · Silicon Graphics computers including
    Francois> the SGI Indigo(TM) series running IRIX version 6.2 or
    Francois> higher

    Francois> 	Probably we have to inform them that Linux is more and
    Francois> more installed in biology labs...

I recall asking them about Linux support some months ago and didn't
get a supportive response. I tried the windows version to see if the
package was worth pursuing.

FWIW, my impression of the sequence analysis utilities was that they
were adequate in terms of functions and were visually appealing, but
had a very inflexible interface. The GUI could really slow things down
and there was no apparent interface to any scripting facility to
compensate for this. (This is an implied criticism of windows' lack of
such a facility).

Given the price, one can't complain. I find that on Linux GDE is
superior, but that's largely because it can give output in
awk/Perl-friendly plain text. Also, if I had the money for a Dec, I
wouldn't be worried about paying out for nicer commercial package

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