Sequence Analysis Windows 95?

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>> > Does anybody know if there is a good, cheap/free program (like DNA strider
>> > the Mac) for sequence analysis ie restriction maps, translations etc for
>> > Windows 95.
>> Yes, there's Prophet, a project of the NIH.  You can download it from

>I'm trying to download Prophet5.0 for Windows from
> But the server said "User anonymous access
>denied". Reason why?

You have to put them an e-mail. They give a password, and you download by ftp 
using this pass.

I did, it works, the program also. It is rather enormous and does a lot of 
different things (we call this 'une usine a gaz').It reads nuc seqs, does 
restriction, translation.. and pep seqs, does clivage and reverse translation. 
It has a nice interface to the web for doing direct blasts with bits 
of seqs and so on. Probably more but I haven't had time yet to explore

All the best 

Francis Durst, IBMP
Strasbourg, France

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