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Thu Jul 9 02:27:35 EST 1998

To have a direct link to the internet, you need a direct connection to the
You can do that with a network card and an ISP providing you the connection.
With modem or ISDN you can connect to the internet when you want, in that
you need a modem and an ISP. This applies to a single computer.

For a group of networked computers, you can use one computer as a gateway.
All networked computers can access internet through this computer. However
these computers need to have their proxy setting filled. There are several
softwares can be the proxy server, Microsoft has one, Wingate is a good


BTJohn5656 wrote in message
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>how can I connect my computer running windows nt dirctly to the internet ?
>mean what kind of equipment do I need? what kind of phone lines?
>please help me answer the questions above in relation to the following
># when I have only one computer
># when I have a group of netowrked computers
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