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> Unfortunately, in order to port Prophet to Linux we would have to have a
> versionof the Win32 API as well as MFC for Linux. We are using a third-party
> version of
> this for the above mentioned platforms to port from Windows to Unix. As of now,
> there has been no mention of releasing that product for Linux.

	Hmmm. I know two products that do the other job (from XWindow to
Win32), that several developpers I know are using because "developping
stable products under linux (unix) is easiest, in particular for trapping
memory leak". Anyway, I can't see why a product that can port something to
the above mentioned platforms can't port it to linux. As far as I know,
this should give you a source code for XWindow, so it should compile
well on all unix with apropriate libraries. Isn't it the one used by
the StarOffice development team?

	It would be great if we can make some lobbying actions, regarding
the importance of Linux in our community, so that you can provide Linux
ports of your program.

> As of now, Prophet is free of charge if downloading over the web or via the FTP
> site.
> Sources will never be delivered as the source tree is roughly 150 meg in size.

	Where is the problem? Lot of GNU products have such source size.
Releasing the sources could help further development...

> ;) As
> far as I know, Prophet will remain free for the life of the NIH contract that
> it is
> currently maintained under.

	Is it possible to take a look at this contract? I know I'm paranoiac,
but we had recently bad experiments from a product that slides from
free to proprietary and having to recover all the data was not easy.

	Thanks for your answers.


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