Sequence Analysis Windows 95?

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Thu Jul 9 07:12:37 EST 1998

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	Christopher Hopkins <chopkins at> writes:

> I totally understand the importance of Linux. I run Linux at home. ;) Anyway, dueto
> time/budget constraints we don't have the manpower/money to devote to another
> port at this time. We hope to provide for more platforms in future releases though.

	Well, if it is able to run properly from a server to a Linux box
under X, it's not a big problem. Can it?

> I understated the reasons for this actually. The NIH does not wish the source codeto
> be distributed.

	OK, we will discuss it with NIH if necessary.

> I don't believe the contract is publicly available.

	hmmm. So... another question to ask to NIH...


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