Regular homology searches

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Fri Jul 10 09:50:29 EST 1998

>>>>> "Juergen" == Juergen Pleiss <jpleiss at

    Juergen> Dear colleagues, We want to regularily search sequence
    Juergen> databases for proteins which are homologous to a given
    Juergen> target.

    Juergen> Thus, we are searching for a (commercial or academic)
    Juergen> tool which allows us to - run a BLAST search in the
    Juergen> current version of various protein sequence databases
    Juergen> (SwissProt, nr,PIR,...)  - mark all hits which are not
    Juergen> yet found previously

    Juergen> So it should - compare the results of a BLAST search with
    Juergen> a database - create and change a database of protein
    Juergen> sequence entries

There is DBWatcher:

which does much of what you require.

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