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David Klurfeld dklurfe at
Mon Jul 13 15:15:10 EST 1998

I too have the programs you list and find myself using DeltaGraph more
than any other.  It has anice array of graph formats, particularly if
your idea of "presentation" is on slides. Their web site is  The only annoying habit of the program is
that because it is ported from the Macintosh, memory handling is a bit
finicky so it often wants to be the first thing loaded after Windows.

Martin J. Bernstein wrote:
> Hi!
> I'm wondering what people use or recommend for graphing packages.
> Currently I use SigmaPlot 4.0 which perfectly servicable and flexible
> graphs. However, the "presentation" quality of the graphs leaves
> something to be desired.
> The graphing capabilities of MS Excel and Corel Presentations are
> inadequate, though of somewhat higher "presentation" quality.
> Does anyone know of a graphing package that incorporates a full range
> of flexible scientific graphing capabilities and high "presentation"
> quality graphics?
> Thanks.
> --Martin J. Bernstein
> --bernstein at

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