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> Hi!
> I'm wondering what people use or recommend for graphing packages.
> Currently I use SigmaPlot 4.0 which perfectly servicable and flexible
> graphs. However, the "presentation" quality of the graphs leaves
> something to be desired.
> The graphing capabilities of MS Excel and Corel Presentations are
> inadequate, though of somewhat higher "presentation" quality.
> Does anyone know of a graphing package that incorporates a full range
> of flexible scientific graphing capabilities and high "presentation"
> quality graphics?
> Thanks.
> --Martin J. Bernstein

Since I drag data around from Mac to PC (Win3.1) to Linux my
favourite is GNU Plot.  The interface can be a little less than
intuitive at times (and the Mac version is a little quirky)
but it is very flexible and the price is absolutely perfect.
Kudos to the developers!  Available where GNU software is
not sold.
     My all-time favourite for DOS was Fig-P but that seemed to
lose functionality when it was ported to Windows.  The only
Windows-only program I tried that I liked was GraphPad Prism.
Since I have moved over here (to Mac-land) I have no idea
if GraphPad and/or Fig-P are available in Win0.95 versions.
     Go figure....  :-)

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