Best and hottest DNA and protein software?

Brian Fristensky frist at
Wed Jul 15 10:57:04 EST 1998

Jon Sund Blandfort wrote:
> Dear all,
> I am going to deside what software to install for biological sequence
> analysis on a UNIX/LINUX server. What is the best and hottest in sequence
> analysis software right now? What is the best package (commercial &
> academic) for several types analysis e.g. datbase retrieval, sequence
> comparison and son on.

If you choose to install freeware, you should have a look at
the BIRCH web site:

BIRCH is a Sun/Unix-based resource available to researchers
at the University of Manitoba. This site uses 100% freeware.
If you click on "Build Your Own BIRCH Site" you can get
a bit of a head start on building you own system. This
page still needs a lot of work!

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