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> Hi!
> I'm wondering what people use or recommend for graphing packages.
> Currently I use SigmaPlot 4.0 which perfectly servicable and flexible
> graphs. However, the "presentation" quality of the graphs leaves
> something to be desired.
> The graphing capabilities of MS Excel and Corel Presentations are
> inadequate, though of somewhat higher "presentation" quality.
> Does anyone know of a graphing package that incorporates a full range
> of flexible scientific graphing capabilities and high "presentation"
> quality graphics?
> Thanks.
> --Martin J. Bernstein
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To get the best of both worlds, you may try what I often do.  Create your
graphic in Sigma Plot & then copy the plot & paste it into MS Powerpoint.
After you paste in Powerpoint, you can ungroup the graph giving you
elements that are freely editable in Powerpoint (which will give you all
the slick presentation capabilities).  When you 'ungroup' in Powerpoint,
you lose all the links to the data so you need to make sure that the
initial graph is how you want it.

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