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Thu Jul 16 19:52:59 EST 1998

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>> Hi!
>> Does anyone know of a graphing package that incorporates a full range
>> of flexible scientific graphing capabilities and high "presentation"
>> quality graphics?
>> --Martin J. Bernstein
>To get the best of both worlds, you may try what I often do.  Create your
>graphic in Sigma Plot & then copy the plot & paste it into MS Powerpoint.
>Chris Hoffman, Owner

	I use Kaleidagraph ( for data analysis (i.e.,
curve fitting) and publication-quality plotting.  When I was faced with
preparing slides, I ended up going the route that Chris mentioned,
that is pasting them into PowerPoint (or importing an EPS version).  
I found that I liked the effect of creating a black background in
Kaleidagraph, then specifying white text and colored symbols.  This
looks nice in PowerPoint with a dark or black background.
	I find Kaleidagraph much easier to use than SigmaPlot, and
it is capable of performing almost everything I've ever wanted to
do, except maybe 3-D plots...

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