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On Mon, 13 Jul 1998 15:04:34, bernstein at (Martin J. Bernstein)

> Hi!
> I'm wondering what people use or recommend for graphing packages.
> Currently I use SigmaPlot 4.0 which perfectly servicable and flexible
> graphs. However, the "presentation" quality of the graphs leaves
> something to be desired.

Yes - look at GraphPad's Prism. It is designed for data analysis and
non-linear curvefitting. It's graphing capabilities are very-good to excellent
for 2-D plots; I don't think it does 3-D+ presentations.

Prism's huge advantage is that the raw data, derived/manipulated data, graphs,
multi-graph presentations, and notes are held in a single file - nothing ever
gets lost. Each of the above are kept in separate "folders". All graphs are
hot-linked to the underlying data, so when you change the data or analysis
parameters, everything else is automatically updated. Also, all the analytical
equations you define (for non-linear curvefitting) are stored together in the
data file - no hunting around.

Prism 2.0 is available in Win 3.1 and Win95/NT versions. The web site (for a
free demo) is . They may have a Mac version - can't

(For complex figures, you might try PSI-Plot for Windows; it's quite
inexpensive but gives you great control over the presentation, and it does
several types of complex plots.)

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