Genetic analysis program

Aaron J Beverley ajbever at
Mon Jul 20 04:22:47 EST 1998

I am considering writing a program which takes an arbitrary length of
DNA or RNA and will return possible genes from these genomic sequences.
I hope it will be able to determine the most probable ORF's, introns,
exons and possibly determine firstly a primary protein sequence then
secondary sequence.
I'm not sure if this sort of program could be useful for anyone, or if I
am being a bit ambitious, this is why I am asking for opinions or other
ideas as to areas in which I can apply constraint programming in
analysing genomic sequences.
I have completed a degree in biochemistry so have a fair idea about
genetic structure and function and I am now half way through a degree in
computing. This program I hope to develop is part of my advanced studies
but if the program is useful and works I would like to set it up as a
fully supported program.


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