non-parametric QTL analysis

Vladimir V.Vasilchenko vvv at
Tue Jul 21 09:03:59 EST 1998

one year ago I saw excellent statistical package "Statistica" with full
Windows 95/NT support, user-friendly interface and numerous methods inside.
If you don't like to write program and prefer to work in "user mode" - this
package for you!

Hope this helps,
Vladimir V.Vasilchenko

Paul Denny <paul at> wrote in article
<35B32446.FE48A2A0 at>...
> Hi
> I'm trying to find a software package - preferably MacOS or possibly
> WinNT (or at a stretch, UNIX) which performs non-parametric
> statistical analysis e.g. an ordinal analysis. We have a phenotype which
> looks nothing like the typical "normal" distribution - it's kind
> of a skewed bimodal. The only thing we've tried so far is MapMaker QTL
> v1.9 which uses a non-parametric statistic, but would like
> to try some alternative approaches.
> Paul
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