CHIME molecule plugin; Kaput?

T. Chyau Liang tliang at
Wed Jul 22 10:06:07 EST 1998

An alternative to CHIME is Chem3D from Cambridge Software
( They recently bring their Chem3D package into
web via plugin. I recently beta test this software and it looks very

In article <6onsoq$don$1 at>,
greg at () wrote:

The CHIME area at the MDLI site, including downloads, was missing for 
about 5 days as far as I can see. I personally find this a bit worrying, 
and I would like to know  about the status of this product. Cosmosoftware, 
makers of one of the most popular VRML plugins went belly-up last week, 
which will incovenience a lot of people programming with it, and that's 
not the only VRML plugin available. As far as I'm aware. there's nothing 
else like CHIME around. Anyone know what the status/plans are for CHIME?

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