Ralf Spenneberg spenneb at
Thu Jul 23 14:53:47 EST 1998


I am in the progress of writing a robot that is automatically doing searches
against pubmed overnight, keeping track of new entries and mailing the new
abstracts to the user. All this is done in perl5. 
I even have got 2 packages in alpha-stage for accessing pubmed and
medalert keeping track of queryjobs and doing the emailing. If there is more
interest I might turn these packages from alpha-stage, where they are right
now (although they work fine), to something that might be released. Maybe
even in the BioPerl project.

Tell me what you think about it. There even is a rudimentary web-interface.
But for now it is just accessible inside our unversity (the bot is running
on an old 486/linux computer ;-)).



Ralf Spenneberg
Center for molecular biology of inflammation
Von Esmarchstr 56
48149 Muenster / Germany

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