Drawing beta-sheets

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> [ Posted on 24 Jul 1998 05:03:59 GMT ]

> Does anyone know of a simple software program that allows you to draw 'simple'
> beta-sheets? I would like something to write on while doing my NMR
> assignments. These would be idealized beta-sheets (ie. do not require any
> input) and would look roughly like -
>   H    H
>   |    |
>   C    N
>   /\  /\
>  C
>  ||
>     O

>  H
>  |
>     N
>    /\

>    Many thanks,
>    Steffen

You can use the standard chemical drawing packages like ChemWindow or 
ChemDraw to set up a template for this. 

ISIS/Draw is a freely available package for Windows, Macintosh and 
SGI workstations which should also do the job.

see http://www.mdli.com

A related request: 

Does anyone know of a program (preferably win95) that will produce 
such 2-D H-bonded representations of beta-sheets from the information 
in PDB files?

Many thanks, 

Geoff Rowland (Yeovil College, Division of Science and Maths)

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