DNA Array technology

Brian Fristensky frist at cc.umanitoba.ca
Tue Jul 28 13:14:30 EST 1998

C. Griffin wrote:
> This post is to announce the initiation of the "Gene-Array" listserv . The
> focus of this list is DNA Gene-Chip technology, or more broadly, DNA Array
> technology. While the initial impetus for this forum was to be limited to
> Affymetrix GeneChip Systems, it is clear for many reasons that a broader
> forum is appropriate (alas how shall we state it, the dogs are about the
> rabbitSand for many good reasons). The general goal is to facilitate the
> exchange of information in use and experience with these technologies to
> the collective benefit of all subscribers. 
... stuff deleted

I would be very interested in such a forum. However,
wouldn't it be easier to create a USENET Newsgroup? Newsreading
software is specifically designed for these types of exchanges,
and avoids the mailbox clutter associated with listservs.

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