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Tue Jul 28 09:12:02 EST 1998

You're not thinking of velveeta-ing, are you?  Because that could be
naughty, depending on how many froups you intend posting to at once . . . 
and your ISP might get very upset.

Of course, if your intended use is legitimate and honorable, then you'll
only be posting to 2 or at most 3 groups and surely it's easier to type
them in by hand?

In article <35bd1eba.5169873 at>, rveloso at
(Ricardo V. Oliveira) wrote:

: Does anyone know about some news reader software (like AGENT) that
: supports multi-posting (I'm not talking about cross-posting , because
: sometimes it doesn't work ) . I'm talking about a program which you
: can give a list with newsgroups and post the same message to all of
: them .
: If anyone can help me , plz reply as soon as possible to my e-mail .
: Thanks in advance .

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