DNA Array technology

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Thu Jul 30 04:06:30 EST 1998

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>> the collective benefit of all subscribers. 
>... stuff deleted
>I would be very interested in such a forum. However,
>wouldn't it be easier to create a USENET Newsgroup? Newsreading
>software is specifically designed for these types of exchanges,
>and avoids the mailbox clutter associated with listservs.

The problem with a newsgroup is that its articles have a limited lifespan.
Also, unless a company supplies us with a public accessible news server,
newsgroups need to be carried by the service provider one is allied to.
Another problem with newsgroups is that, because news items tend to carry
e-mail addresses of the senders, tend to act as spam generators.

Listervers on the other hand, can be set to 'digest' mode, which sends out
only one mail a day, to subscribers anywhere, regardless of their ISP.
These mails can be simply filtered into specific mail boxes.

But then, indeed, bionet.DNAArray? 


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