Call for Papers (Deadline Extension)

Dr. Henrik Seidel seidel at osiris.RZ-Berlin.MPG.DE
Fri Jul 31 08:01:39 EST 1998

[Posted and mailed]

In article < at>,
	sandy at WOLFRAM.COM (Sandy Shelton) writes:
> Remove me also. This is ridiculous. Someone needs to take care of some
> housekeeping details.

No, all those "remove me too" messages are ridiculous. ""
is a newsgroup, and a newsgroup is not the same as a mailing list --
there is no such thing as a list of subscribers and, hence, nobody can
be removed from that list.

If you find the message everybody is complaining about in your mail box,
then somebody forwarded that message from the newsgroup to you, either
a human being or some automatic agent. There's no point in sending lots
of complaints to the newsgroup and having hundreds of people read your
complaints. Try to figure out who is the bad guy forwarding the messages
to you. If you don't know how to do that, ask your local guru. But
PLEASE, don't send any other complaints to this list, it just doesn't
make sense and is annoying.

				--- Henrik Seidel

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