Robert Negm negm at
Mon Jun 29 12:05:54 EST 1998

Dear Richard,

I cannot provide you with an FTP site at this time to download StrainMan for
Windows N/T; however, I can mail you a compressed windows version of
StrainMan through email. I will wait for your reply.


Robert Negm, PhD
Scientific Advisor,
Caesar Software, LLC
negm at

Richard P. Grant wrote:

> In article <358E9E1C.D565F93C at>, negm at
> wrote:
> : Help! I really need a critical evaluation of a new strain database that
> <del>
> Hi,
> It would be useful if you could provide an ftp site - I'm behind a NT
> p(r)oxy server which keeps dropping the connection, which is real annoying
> after 4 MB . .   My ftp client can resume the d/l if the connection drops,
> Netscrape can not.
> Richard
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