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Vladimir Rotrekl rotrekl at
Mon Jun 29 04:19:55 EST 1998

I have quite good expirience with EndNote program. It is working on PC
and Mac as well.
You can contact:
Niles & Associates, Inc.
800 Jones Street
Berkeley, CA  94710

Phone:  1-510-559-8592 (Hours: 8 a.m.-5 p.m. PST Monday-Friday)
Fax:    1-510-559-8683

E-mail: register at (to register your copy of EndNote Plus 2)
        info at (general information, prices, upgrades)
        pc-support at (for technical support)

CompuServe:     71172,653
America Online: NilesAssoc

good luck Vladimir

PC wrote:

> I'm looking for database software that allows to insert data about
> scientific articles (name, author, date, abstract, etc.) and search
> for
> keywords in such articles.
> I thank in advance any help provided.
> Pedro Cardoso
> pcardoso at

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