Help: How do I Transfer files between two computers?

Joseph James qtechsof at
Mon Mar 2 11:36:16 EST 1998


Tape backups, hard drive swapping, writable CD and DVD, and LapLink parallel
port data transfers are all options.  Assuming that both the old and new
compters will be available in close proximity for the duration of the data
transfer, the easiest, least expensive way to copy the complete contents of
the old hard drives to the new ones would be to install LapLink on both the
source and target machines, and then copy the data from the source machine
to the target machine through the parallel port one logical drive at a time.
Of course, the disadvantage to this method is the length of time it will
take, which depends upon how much data has to be transferred.

I would try to configure the target machines for use with a secondary
"slave" hard drive, then simply remove the hard drives from the old
machines, plug them into the slave slot on the new machines, reboot, and use
XCOPY with the appropriate parameters to copy one logical drive at a time.

You could also use tape backups, although I would not recommend this method,
as I have a lot of experience with backing up and restoring between hard
drives and tapes, and even the most recent Travan tape cartridges and the
latest backup software are not without some major bugs!  (However, if you do
decide to use tape, make sure to back up one logical drive at a time, and DO
NOT use the backup software's "Full Backup" option ...)

I have some experience using writable CD media, but I would not recommend it
due to its current imperfections.

As a consulting software engineer, I try to avoid hardware issues whenever
possible, but I will admit that data transfers between hard drives, tape,
and other media is one of my special interests, and, unfortunately,
something I am forced to do quite frequently, as I am constantly running out
of hard disk space, and now have three 6 GB hard drives on my main machine,
and looking for another ...

I hope this helps!


Joseph James
qtechsof at

Rocky Frazier wrote in message <01bd45d8$94bb5780$473073cf at default>...

>Hi, I am replacing a Novell 3.11 network with an NT 4.0 SBS and all new
>computers...I'd like to find an easy way to transfer all hardrive files
>from the old machines to the new ones...any ideas on the best route to
>James "Rocky" Frazier
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