CORBA: Request For Proposals on Genomic Maps

Philip Lijnzaad lijnzaad at
Thu Nov 19 23:34:25 EST 1998

Dear all, 

On behalf of the Maps work group ( of
the OMG ( Domain Task Force for Life Sciences Research
(, we are pleased to announce the
availability of a Request for Proposals on Genomic Maps, which was approved
and issued last Friday at the OMG meeting in Burlingame.

The document will be available shortly as (full version in MS Word
format; other formats will be provided as well)

There is a shorter version (without the standard OMG chapters) which will
be visible as

These documents can already now be obtained from the Maps work group home
page; see 

If you have any comments, questions or suggestions, please get involved by
subscribing to corba-maps at; see for details.

Yours kindly,

								Philip Lijnzaad

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