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tiddler lad at
Mon Sep 7 07:48:25 EST 1998

If we sort the data clumsily, we must compare two data n(n+1)/2 times to
check their order (where n is the total of the data). Taking some smarter
methods for sort, we can reduce the order of conparisons into n log n. Now
this method can reduce the order of comparisons into almost n (precisely
less than n log (log n) )without huge additional memories such as bin sort,
namely this sort is quicker than any other sorts which have the order of
comparisons n log n such as bubble sort or quick sort! ---really?

Why don't you see the simulation of the sort if you think I'm attempting to
deceive you? You can enjoy the animation of sorting process on the display.

Use: PC(486DX), Windows95, IE(ver.3.0)

Caution: This is unauthorized ActiveX.
(Sorry, it's not available on Netscape.)

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