Programs for 3D viewing of biological structures?

Marc Saric saric at
Mon Sep 14 06:39:32 EST 1998

Antonio R. Franco wrote:
> I am using RasMol to visualize the 3D structure of biological
> molecules, such as DNA and protein in my PC computer.
> Is there any other program around?. I am interested in any PC  or UNIX
> program equivalent to the "XRay Viewer" program you can use in the
> Macintosh platform
I would recommend either SwissPDBViewer or Molmol -both are slower than
Rasmol, i.e. you will need a faster computer to use these programs, but
they are quite good and have some options Rasmol can´t provide.


for further information.


Marc Saric

Lehrstuhl fuer Biophysik
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