Database integration with sequence analysis software - how?

Piotr Kozbial piotrk at
Sun Aug 15 14:55:01 EST 1999

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Arne Mueller <a.mueller at> wrote:
> Is there any documentation about integrating biological information in
> relational databases, any staring points? 

There is almos no documentation on the Internet. The following links are
the only information I have found so far.

DBI (database interface module for Perl)

Prostate Expression Database
In "Software Archive--PERL MODULES" there is the sourse code of
"" that uses DBI::Oraperl to create packages(classes)
on the fly for oracle tables so perl programs can treat rows like Perl5

Conference: "Data Mining for Bioinformatics - Towards In Silico
Biology", 10-12 November 1999

Databases: (Object-Relational DBMS)

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