Readseq, biosequence format conversion tool, version 2.0.3

Don Gilbert gilbertd at
Sun Aug 22 15:26:40 EST 1999

>on my machine (Windows NT 4) jre command doesn't work.
>I used: java -cp readseq.jar app

For using the 'app' version of readseq, one needs to make
sure the Java JFC (Swing) library is in Java's classpath.
This doesn't happen automatically.

Try something like this:
  jre -cp readseq.jar:/javapath/swingall.jar app  (unix)
  jre -cp readseq.jar;/javapath/swingall.jar app  (wintel)
where 'javapath' is the filepath on your system.
Mac users, put swingall.jar in same folder as readseq.jar or
use Mac Java's JBindery to edit the Readseq.macapp calling program to
set the swingall.jar path.
See note in readseq help about finding Java swing libraries.

For Wintel users of readseq, please fetch the 2.0.4 20 Aug 99 version
of readseq.jar, which fixes a serious but silly bug in earlier 
versions (double-newline).

The 'app' version of readseq isn't meant to be fancy - it is
a simple, bare-bones graphic interface.  For easier to use
sequence manipulations, an upcoming update to SeqPup will make
it easier for one to do sequence manipulations and translations.

-- Don

-- d.gilbert--bioinformatics--indiana-u--bloomington-in-47405
-- gilbertd at

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