GeneDoc version 2.5 (freeware for windows)

Ketchup ketchup*NOSPAM* at
Sun Feb 7 17:17:53 EST 1999

Please be informed that GeneDoc version 2.5 has been released to 
the GeneDoc web site:

Anyone using GeneDoc should upgrade to this version.

Significant new features, driven mainly by user input, include:

Lots of work on arrangement features:
  Select a subset of sequences for arrangement.
  Insert/Delete with Left/Right clicks.
  Insert/Delete keys for gaps.
  Additional arrangement functions.
  Log Odds scoring.

DNA to Protein translation for alignments.
  You can apply gaps from a protein project to a DNA project.

Persistant annotation and manual shading.

New menus are much more intuitive. Toolbar Tips. Redone help file.

Sequence descriptions.

Work on sections of an alignment.

Enzyme Gel simulation display.

Karl Nicholas

* Made spaces in sequence names a warning. 
* Fixed bug where loading user files after EMBL files fails. 
* Fixed bug in Enzyme Report where first cut 1 too short. 
* Changed Menus Considerably. 
* Added Toolbar Tips to Toolbars. 
* Added Function to ReGap DNA Project with Protein Project. 
* Added Select Ranges to DNA Translation. 
* Added DNA Frequency reports. 
* Added Crtl-CR to to opposite arrangement as CR. 
* Added DNA Translation 
* Added Insert a single gap in all columns function 
* Fixed bug causing display of group colors in name seperator.
* Added replace data with data from another project.
* Changed logodds report to allow to exclude no sequences.
* Changed Ins/Del key to work while residue editing.
* Added Clear of Manual Comments and Manual Shading.
* Added LogOdds alignment scoring.
* Changed caret handling a bit.
* Added Copy Consensus to clipboard as fasta file function.
* Changed toolbar copy button to copy as metafile.
* Changed replace to work on whole alignment if nothing selected.
* Added Saving of Manual Shading with show/hide config and button.
* Added Saving of Comments with show/hide config and button.
* Added Quick Find Function with MisMatches and Ins/Deletes.
* Added Ins/Del keys to Insert and Delete Gaps always.
* Added Right Mouse buttons does opposite of left mouse button in
Arrangement modes.
* Fixed bug that hangs when export as Text/No Gaps.
* Changed user cannot enter spaces into data area.
* Added Display '~' as ' ' feature.
* Changed Fixed width parameter to be as high as 1000000.
* Removed 'Protected First Line' from Titling Facility.
* Fixed DNA complement to include ambiguities.
* Improved Slide Text routine so it does not unnecessarily grow
* Added Alignment Width Block Size option.
* Fixed possible crash when scoring/stats on few sequences.
* Added sequence description field.
* Added import IUPAC only funtion.
* Added Delete Data Columns function.
* Added Print Filename and Date with pagenumber.
* Fixed manual data input from crashing

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