DNA sequence analysis for Mac

Francis Ouellette francis at CMMT.UBC.CA
Tue Feb 9 01:33:23 EST 1999

>You might be interested in GeneTool (http://www.biotools.com).  The
>interface is really nice and it's pretty cheap (especially with the
>academic discount).
>Andrew Gardner                andrewg at compusmart.ab.ca
>        http://www.compusmart.ab.ca/andrewg/


I'm assuming that even though you ar efrom Alberta (Edmonton?),
that you have no  commercial invesments or ties with Genetools, and
that you are simply a happy user of this product, right?

As you may know, advertising is really not accepted on this newsgroup,
(and other BIOSCI newsgroups (although plenty do it).

If you are indeed simply a happy user, it's a good practice to say so!



(a happy user of the internet, with no invesment in it  :-)

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