Mac emulator for PC ?

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Hello all

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> On 21 Feb 1999 01:22:04 GMT,
SNIP=4x Mac emmulators
> Executor (, which runs on multiple operating systems
> does not require Mac ROMs.  It is also by far the fastest of the four 
> I have described, and most programs that require System 6 or 7 (such as 
> Strider) work well.

> BeOS or LinuxPPC, an attractive option is SheepShaver -- 

Will tthese work on a Pentium133 or 486 and what are the memory requirements. 

Reason:- I use Macs in research but have a supperspeedy Acorn RiscPC at home.
These can have twin Risc Processors or In my case One Risc (RiscOS 3.6)
and one 486. I run windows in task window. See

What are the minimum Intel requirements EG. RAM/Processor to Run the Mac


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