Field data collection?

M. Bosko NOSPAM-mjbosko at
Thu Feb 25 18:39:05 EST 1999

May I ask for your input?  Do you use portable data collection devices
in the field (laptop, or other handheld unit)?  How are you putting
them to use today?

I've recently broken out of the corporate software developer world and
into the entrepreneur world.  I've been in the data collection field
for many years and felt the consumers needed a means to capture field
data without having to call on a programmer everytime they wanted to
change their field data.

We have just developed a software system that gives the
non-programmer-type an ability to construct a structured data
collection question set.  This software can run on any Windows9x
laptop or handheld device.

Its a very innovative method for building data collection
applications.  What are your thoughts?  Is there a viable need for
structured field data collection in the scientific community?  I guess
I'm more curious, do the collection requirements change often enough
where it would prove feasible to acquire software where you can
generate this data collection system yourself, easily?

Please let me know what you think.  Your comments, posative or
otherwise, are certainly welcomed.

Mike Bosko
Dynamic Query Systems, LLC.
mjbosko at

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