Request for free DNA sequence analysis software

Peter Rice pmr at
Thu Jul 1 03:37:06 EST 1999

scunlgbc at PRIDNS.SCU.EDU.CN ("afei") writes:
>  I am a PhD student in China.I have sequenced some genes I isolated.But I
> don't have any analysis software on hand,so I can't analysize the
> sequences.If someone can give me this kind of software,I will be very
> appriciate of it.

I am developing a free sequence analysis package called EMBOSS
(European Molecular Biology Open Software Suite) which runs on all
common Unix systems.

EMBOSS is a collaboration with members of EMBnet, including the Chinese
national node at Peking University.

The EMBOSS project web pages are at

There is an alpha release (changing daily) on our FTP server.

First beta release is due as soon as the command line sytax is stable.

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