Norman: Who is the biggest deceiver?

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Fri Jun 4 02:41:23 EST 1999

On Thu, 3 Jun 1999, warez wrote:

> About "some bad words from some guys in the newsgroups":
> I should say that it is the normal thing in our world.
> When people are doing the same thing (selling), there is
> some kind of competition between them.
> Also you can not be liked by everyone.
> Those people who write there about unrecieved orders,
> lost payments are simply lying, because I do not know
> them at all.
> They are not my clients.
> Instead of informing me about lost orders and money,
> they write to the newsgroups shouting to the whole
> world about "Norman - deceiver".
> Who is the biggest deceiver?
> If my clients have some problems, first of all they
> inform me about - so they recieve Help.
> Anyway everyone have his right of choice!
> Norman

I see your point, Norman, well spoken ! However, this newsgroup is not
intended for any commercial activity, so please turn to alt.
moneygrabbing.quick.getrich or some such group.

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