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Herbert M Sauro HSauro at
Thu Jun 10 14:09:12 EST 1999

Metabolic Simulation and Control Analysis Software

For those registered to use WinSCAMP there is an update to version 1.0 at:

or via my main page at:

The update is in the form of a patch zip file. To use this patch, unzip the
file to get at the executable. Run the executable patch file. Once running
you will need to give the path and name to the old version of WinSCAMP. Tip:
if you copy the patch file to the same location as the old WinSCAMP you do
not need to supply WinSCAMP's location. Finally you need to give the name of
the new version, currently, new.exe. If you wish you can leave this name as
it is and once the 'new.exe' is generated by the patch file, rename it to

This patch upgrades WinSCAMP 1.0 to 1.1


There are two other downloads available at the above site which registered
users should also download. There is an update to the core SCAMP files,
version 2.71 which are required for the new version of WinSCAMP. There is
also an file which contains amongst other files, a new and updated
help file. This help file is in the new HtmlHelp format. Copy the files in to the WinSCAMP directory and copy the files in to your
SCAMP directory.

What's new in version 1.1?

There have been a number of significant changes:

1. Configurable syntax highlighting to the SCAMP script files.
2. Many more graphing options including export, preview and full graph style
3. WinSCAMP can now find the enzyme database!
4. Changed size of editing area, moved options buttons to the preferences
dialog box.
5. Many more options in the preferences dialog box.
6. Added a previous files reopen history menu.
7. New Help file, now in HtmlHelp format, you will need  Internet Explorer 4
or Win98 installed on your system for this to work. There is a microsoft
update at my web for thsoe who don't have the most recent help engine.
8. General bug fixes and tidying up.

The next upgrade will concentrate on the core SCAMP files and the WinSCAMP
scripting wizard.

What is WinSCAMP?

WinSCAMP is the windows 95/98 front-end to the metabolic simulation and
control analysis package called SCAMP. SCAMP is based on a simple scripting
language which is used to describe metabolic and chemical reaction schemes.
WinSCAMP allows one to easily write and develop SCAMP script files, run the
models and display the results as tables, 2D and 3D graphs. Although SCAMP
is freeware, WinSCAMP is not. This is because it's development incurred real
expenditure. WinSCAMP can be registered for 30 US dollars.

If there are any problems, questions etc. please get in touch!

Herbert Sauro

Herbert M Sauro
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