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Keith James kdj at
Thu Mar 11 04:31:28 EST 1999

>>>>> "Alan" == Alan Williams <Alan at> writes:

    Alan> First off, I am using GDE 2.2.

    Alan> I have noticed an anoying bug when cutting and pasting whole
    Alan> sequences.  On the second cut the program crashes.  Has
    Alan> anyone else encountered this bug? Any fixes?

Yes, I've suffered cut/paste crashes like this. Unfortunately I don't
know of a fix.

    Alan> Less important: Has anyone put together some good .GDEmenus
    Alan> (and any necessary scripts) for interfacing to alscript,
    Alan> phylip, clustal, tacg, ... ?  Any menu segments would be
    Alan> appreciated.

I wrote some menus to interface with Clustal, tacg and the fasta
package (to fasta search a library and to do pairwise alignments
between two sequences open in GDE using align, align0, lalign). I
might have some others too.

Phylip menus are already available somewhere, I'm sure. I'll mail you
what I have as they are too long to post.


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