Software for viewing (and editing) ABI files on Windows

John Barlow john_q_barlow at
Wed Oct 27 21:29:12 EST 1999

A number of people asked about software that allows viewing of ABI trace files 
(chromatograms) on the Windows platform.  There are quite many choices - some 
programs allow viewing and printing only, others provide sophisticated tools 
for contig assembly and proofreading.  Some programs are free (and very good - 
see BioEdit), other cost several thousands of dollars and are difficult to use, 
or have a confusing interface resulting from porting from the Mac.

1. BioEdit - free Windows ABI trace viewer with a lot of interesting functions 
(  Try this 

2. ABIView - a free Windows viewer for ABI traces 

3. Chromas - a shareware Windows trace viewing package for $50 

4. SeqMan II from the Lasergene package ( - a good 
program costing ony about 1/5 of the price of another contender - Sequencher 
(  I routinely use SeqMan II to view, print, 
assemble, and proofread contigs from ABI traces.


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