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> Our lab is looking for software options for keeping
> track of mice, cages, breeders, etc. for our transgenic
> mouse colonies.  Any info, recommendations would be appreciated.
> please copy your reply to me at riggs at
> as my news reader access is limited.
> Tbanks,
> Penny Riggs
> MD Anderson Cancer Center
> Science Park Research Division
> Smithville TX
> riggs at

Hi Penny,

I think we have the software you're looking for. I  formed Aisle3
after leaving my postdoc at HHMI, UCSD with the intention of creating an
application that would facilitate easy entry of new litter, tail, and
phenotype data and then provide sophisticated analysis of this data
the colony as a whole. Colony Manager is a Mac (soon to be Windows)
database that allows you to track an unlimited number of genotypes and
phenotypes in your colony using very straightforward menu based entry.
you've entered the data you can not only keep and print records but
your colony data as a whole, e.g. by graphically displaying pedigrees
tracking phenotype vs. genotype inheritance, or by performing searches
identifying which mice in the colony bear any desired combination of

If you're interested, please let me know and I'll tell you more about
Colony Manager.

Best Regards,


Rob Campbell, M.D., Ph.D.
Creator and Developer
Aisle3 Software

email:  rob at

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